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Bad Breath & Flossing

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Bad Breath & Flossing


Flossing to Improve Bad Breath

Did you know flossing can help improve your bad breath? Flossing effectively removes food particles and bacteria that hide between the teeth and under the gum line. There is really no end to the reasons one should floss. It is recommended that one flosses at least once a day, before bed being the ideal time so you are not sleeping with a day’s worth of food and bacteria hiding around your teeth.  To help prevent and slay bad breath, your nightly oral hygiene regiment would go like this:

  • brush for two minutes
  • floss
  • then rinse with mouth wash.

Brushing first will make it easier to floss as it will have removed the larger pieces of the food from your teeth. Flossing before rinsing helps clean the remaining food, plaque and bacteria from around the teeth and gum line, allowing the mouthwash to truly reach the surface or your teeth and gums. Of course, don’t forget to brush and rinse with mouth wash the next morning too. Good oral hygiene habits will not only help keep your teeth for a lifetime but your friends as well. 

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