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Genetics and Your Dental Health

in Dental Health

Dr. Jeff Feiock - Dentist

By: Dr. Jeff Feiock 

Why do I have to see the dentist so often? 

Ever wonder why you need to see the dentist four times a year and your “no flossing, barely brushing” spouse gets by going in every other year?

You are not alone.

Sadly, genetics has been found to play a large role in the health of your mouth. Along with genetics however, there is a lot going on in your mouth on a daily basis. What you do every day is very important to your overall health.  Bacteria is constantly growing in your mouth, combine that with some well-timed additions of food (ie, everything you eat) and you have added the wonderful ingredient that the bacteria needs to form the acid that causes cavities.

Even without the addition of food, there are other bacteria in your mouth that like to destroy the tissue (gingivitis) and bone (periodontal disease) of your mouth.

So how do you know what bacteria you have and how you fight them?

Your dentist can provide this answer.  He/she will look in your mouth, take pictures, and x-ray to determine what is going on in your mouth and how you can best take care of your oral health needs.

In closing, while you may be the one with periodontal disease and your spouse has perfect dental health but seems to do nothing to get it, you have to remember that our bodies are all genetically different and struggle with different things. If you have a family history of “bad teeth” this does not mean you throw in the towel of proper brushing, flossing and regular dental cleanings/exams. It is actually quite the opposite. Just like if one has a history of certain cancers in their family, they then get screened more often, much is same with your dental health. If you have a genetic makeup that tends towards poor oral health, then you must be more aggressive in your dental care to help ensure a smile that will last a lifetime. 

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