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Dentists Do Far More Than Drill and Fill – Sensational Smiles

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Most people think of going to the dentist as something that’s either necessary for maintaining oral health or for getting necessary functional repairs. These two goals drive most of a dentist’s business, but they’re not the only ones patients have in mind. A dentist in Sioux Falls can also turn a smile from average to beautiful, and in many cases, improve the functional aspects of the teeth at the same time.

One of the most popular procedures for adults is teeth whitening. As the years go by and teeth are exposed to coffee, tea, cola, cigarette smoke, and other such materials, they accumulate stains. This is so predictable that people assume that a person with dark teeth is older. Fortunately, a dentist can erase these types of stains with professional lightening treatments. Such treatments can be done with a custom made at-home kit. The home kits are far different than those for sale in the grocery store, and patients will see lightening in short order.

Another top procedure is teeth straightening. This can be done for functional reasons, cosmetic reasons, or both. In children, functionality is almost always the top priority. Straightening teeth at this age can prevent problems with jaw pain, tooth decay, and tooth wear. Since straight teeth look better, an improved appearance is a side-benefit of childhood treatment.

For adults, teeth straightening is often done for cosmetic reasons. If appearance is the only criteria, the straightness of the teeth takes precedence over the bite – at least as far as the patient is concerned. A good dentist will still make sure that such treatments don’t result in a bad bite. Some adults, particularly those who already suffer from bite problems, will put functionality first or alongside cosmetic concerns. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can do both for patients of any age.

Crowning teeth is often done after root canal therapy, but like straightening, it can also be done for appearance’s sake. Having crowns put on the front teeth can eliminate the mottled look caused by repeated fillings, fix the looks of chipped teeth, and more. The key is to make sure the crowns have natural sizes and shapes so that it isn’t obvious that they aren’t the original equipment.

These are just some of the things a dentist can do that go beyond “drilling and filling.” Talk to one today to see what cosmetic procedures are likely to bring the best results.

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