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Keep Smiling Brightly With Regular Teeth Cleaning

in Dental Health

Undergoing regular teeth cleaning in Sioux Falls is a beneficial treatment that keeps the structures of the mouth healthy, and saves money in the form of preventative maintenance. Having teeth checked on a twice-a-year basis gives a dental professional the opportunity to examine teeth and gums in order to seek out cavities and gum disease before they become expensive problems. It also has a visible benefit in the form of a bright and fresh smile that proclaims healthy teeth.

Teeth are subjected to a variety of corrosive and staining substances on a daily basis. Coffee, tea and soda are common culprits in the breakdown of teeth. Acid reflux, or GERD, can also erode the molars in the back of the mouth if not caught and treated. Plaque is acidic and wears down the teeth if not cleaned off on a daily basis. It can also lead to gum disease and eventually tooth loss. While teeth do remineralize themselves from minerals in the saliva, it doesn’t do it at a fast enough rate to counter the effects of acidic erosion. Cavities, also known as caries, set in and can become major problems if not caught in time. Stains go deep into the structure of the tooth itself, and resist regular brushing, leaving behind unsightly blemishes in the teeth.

Undergoing teeth cleaning on a regular basis serves to stop all of these issues before they become expensive problems. A cleaning professional examines each tooth for any signs of decay or damage that needs addressing. They also assess the health of the gums, how much plaque is on the teeth, and if a deep cleaning or root planing is necessary. Root planing, or scaling, involves removing plaque that builds up below the gum line and isn’t reachable by flossing or brushing. Plaque underneath the gum line contributes to gum disease and can compromise the health of the mouth. 

In the event that the dental hygienist finds the beginning of a cavity or damage to a tooth, they take note and have the dentist examine the patient further. Catching these issues early results in healthier teeth and less financial impact to the patient. A majority of dental problems start out small and become larger ones with neglect. Regular dental cleaning prevents small problems from becoming larger ones that can cost a lot more money down the road.

The last step taken is cleaning the teeth with a special paste that removes most surface stains and leaves a clean, polished look that lasts until the next visit.

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Mary did a great job of cleaning my teeth and explaining everything along the way! - Laurie M.