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Halloween Candy Buy Back

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Once again it is the season for our 4th annual Halloween Candy Buy Back held Nov. 1st 8am-5:30pm at our office. This is a fun filled event open to the public, where we will be paying kids $1 per pound for their unopened Halloween candies. Our Cavity Free Club mascot Sensational Sammie will be present and handing out free tokens to all the little Trick-or-Treat merchants. The candy we buy back during this event is sent to our troops over seas in care packages through Operation Gratitude.  Our Halloween Candy Buy Back is a win-win situation; having the kids sell their candy to us saves them from consuming unhealthy levels of sugar, gives them a little spending money they won’t have to ask you for and lets our troop know we are thinking of them.

While our kids have a blast Trick-or-Treating, consuming all that candy is harmful to their teeth and their over all health. Our Halloween Candy Buy Back is a great way to extend their Halloween fun and eliminate the mounds of candy in your house.  We are delighted to invite your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews to participate in our 4th annual Halloween Candy Buy Back.

Here is a photo from last year’s buy back. Sensational Sammie was overcome by the amount of candy we purchased from the kids!


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