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The TaTa Tooth Fairies Running the Race for the Cure

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Sunday morning our Sensational Smiles team – race name “The TaTa Tooth Fairies“- rose early like thousands of others to participate in the Susan G. Komen South Dakota Race for the Cure. Almost our entire Sensational Smiles team was able to be a part of the race this year. Fun, identifiable and supportive costumes were our goal. We met before the start time in our office parking lot to add the finishing touches to our costumes (fairy wings and molar bras) and to consolidate our vehicles. As one can see by the photo below, Dr. Swingdorf and Dr. Feiock waited until Falls Park to don their accessories. 

Edit4It was a beautiful morning and we found Falls Park filled with pink adorned supporters and  decor. The sight was powerful.  The crowd  radiated a since of determination.  This was not  just another fun 5k.  Not only were these  participants there to help find of a cure for Breast  Cancer, they were there to support loved ones  that have been diagnosed, to remember those that have lost their fight, and stand in victory with survivors. With so many people gathered together, it felt like we were there standing in defiance of Breast Cancer; to proclaim humanity’s future victory over this decease. 


The race was a great event.  Some of us ran, some walked and we all finished. Lacy on our Business Team in particular had trained for this race the last couple months .  The race was wonderful a time spent together as a practice.  But more importantly,  it was essential for us as a team and as individuals to join with others to support such a vital cause: finding a cure for Breast Cancer.  Thank you to everyone who made the Race for the Cure possible. 

 edit2Here are a few stats about the Race for the Cure. The Race for the Cure is the largest affiliated fund raiser for Susan G. Komen South Dakota.  An est. 3,000 individuals ran/walked in this years’ race, near the same number as last year. Yet, fund raising is reported to be up from last year at this time, with a total of $70,000 raised so far.  Susan G. Komen South Dakota says their goal is $100,000 by the end of October, which they believe will be surpassed. These dollars are separate from that raised through race participation.  

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