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The Gateway to Your Body: Your Mouth

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Your Body; Your Mouth

 At Sensational Smiles we want to make sure the gateway to Your Body (your mouth) is as healthy as it possibly can be. Your oral health can greatly effect the rest of your body’s well being and to keep your smiles for a lifetime the foundation of your smile (gums and bone) must be cared for and kept healthy. 

Dr Compton of Ind. hit it on the nail with regards to the importance of healthy gums in a recent article. Here is a segment of the March 16th article from
“With so much focus in society on the benefits of exercise, healthy eating and proper medication, Dr. Compton says he is surprised that people are not more concerned with keeping their gums healthy. ‘Recent research shows that people with periodontal disease are at a higher risk of multiple diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pre-mature births, Alzheimer’s and rheumatoid arthritis,’ Dr. Compton says. ‘Periodontal disease, also known as pyorrhea, is an inflammatory process that allows bacteria to get into your blood stream and create endless problems to the organs that we so dearly rely on to keep us alive and healthy.'”

Dr. Compton encompassed the magnitude the condition of our oral health plays in the rest of your body. Proper home care (brushing at least twice a day, using mouth wash and flossing daily), regular professional cleanings and exams by your dentist will help put you on the road to a sensational smile and a healthy you as a whole. 





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