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The Importance of Having Teeth

Posted in Dental Health
Dr. Adam Swingdorf - Dentist - Teeth

By: Dr. Adam Swingdorf



So what is the importance of having teeth?? A good way to answer that is to think WHY we have teeth! Of course we all know the one obvious reason for a good set of teeth and that’s to chew! What could be more important than being able to chew our food so that we can better gain all of the nutrients that it holds? Our molars are vital in grinding our food so that we have an easier time digesting and we’re able to retrieve the nutrients that we expect out of it.

There are other uses for our teeth as well that may not be so straight forward though.  First off, there is the esthetics of your face. The teeth help to hold the cheeks and the lips in place giving us a younger and fuller look to our faces. Without teeth the cheeks are able to “sink” in to the face more and we begin to look like we have a different appearance than we did with teeth. This happens in the back of the mouth with the cheeks just as much as it does in the front with the lips. You can imagine that as we remove teeth in the front of the mouth not only will our smile be lacking the teeth, but the lips will “sink” back into the mouth giving us a more pronounced chin and nose.

So far we know that teeth are important for both chewing and our facial features, but did you also realize that they are very important for speech as well! Try to make any of the fricative sounds.  That’s right, fricatives! So what are those? By definition a fricative denotes a type of consonant made by the friction of breath in a narrow opening, producing a turbulent air flow. In other words, the “f,” “sh,”  or “ch” sounds. Think of trying to call your friend Frank or Faith and not being able to touch your bottom lip to your top teeth! Try it… it’s harder that you think.  Try saying “church” or “shopping” with your lips over your teeth to block them out.  Sounds a lot different, doesn’t it! So remember as you wake up in the morning or get yourself ready for bed that it’s not only important for you to give those teeth a good brushing and flossing to keep those teeth for chewing, but also for esthetic uses and to keep the ability to speak well!

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