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Mouth Guards -Should I Wear One?

Posted in Dental Health
Lacee Dental Assistant -Mouth Guards

By: Dental Assistant Lacee


 Mouth guards are NOT just for athletes anymore.

We all know that mouth guards help athlete’s abstain injury to their teeth and gums but did you know that mouth guards can also protect our teeth from conscious and unconscious clenching and grinding?

          If you find yourself biting together really hard during the day or during “high stress” times, you should wear a mouth guard.  If you grind your teeth at night, you should be wearing a mouth guard.  You ask, how do I know if I grind or clench at night?  Well, unless your spouse tells you or you wake up with pain, most people do not know unless they see a dentist on a regular basis.  Dentists are able to see miniscule changes in the surfaces of your teeth upon evaluation.  If these changes are caught in time they can make you a custom mouth guard and potentially save you thousands of dollars in the future.   

          Without a mouth guard to protect your teeth from clenching and grinding, you risk developing wear and/or mobility in the teeth leading to the possibility of tooth loss. If wear is significant enough, meaning you have lost enough tooth structure to bring your chin closer to your nose, root canals and crowning every tooth is sometimes the only course of treatment to restore your natural occlusion.  Tooth loss may occur if mobility issues are not corrected and then bridges, implants, partials, and complete dentures are needed to replace the teeth.  Grinding and clenching could also affect the jaw joint resulting in TMJ disorder or hearing loss. 


          In closing, mouth guards are an inexpensive aid to prevent costly dentistry.  All athletes should wear them, not only to protect the mouth but to help reduce the risk of concussions.  If you grind/clench your teeth or your dentist has recommended that you wear a mouth guard, I encourage you to make the investment.

Schedule today!  The process is easy.  We simply take impressions and either have the guard made in office or at the lab, depending on your needs.  You are able to pick it up in a couple of days.

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