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When do baby teeth fall out?

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One question many parents have, especially first-time parents, is “When do baby teeth start falling out?” There are many factors that influence when a baby tooth falls out, but we here at Sensation Smiles have compiled some basic information to help parents determine if their child’s loss of a baby tooth is happening at the right time in the child’s life.

Kids will start losing their baby teeth anywhere between the ages of five to seven years old. However, experiencing loose or wiggly teeth as early as age four is also considered normal. If the tooth falls out before this, speak with a pediatric dentist to determine if the child experienced any trauma to the mouth or if there are any other factors causing the teeth to start coming out prematurely.

Because girls develop faster than boys, it is not uncommon for girls to get and lose their baby teeth earlier than boys of the same age.

Most children will lose their bottom two front teeth first, then the top two are soon to follow. The next two teeth to fall out are the ones on either side of the bottom two teeth. Then the same things happens to the top row of teeth. Generally, the first eight teeth fall out before the age of seven.

The primary molars in the back of the mouth do not generally fall out until the ages of 10 to 12. Some children, especially those with special needs, such as Down syndrome, tend to lose their teeth at a later age. If the child has not lost a tooth by the age of 7, it might be necessary to visit the dentist from some X-rays and to determine why. When the baby teeth do not come out on time, it could delay development of the adult teeth and could prevent them from coming in straight.

When a tooth is ready to come out, avoid yanking it out if possible. Allow it to wiggle its way out on its own. Pulling of the tooth should be easy and effortless.

Those parents still having concerns over their child’s loss of baby teeth should take time to speak with a Sioux Falls area pediatric dentist. The dentist will be able to examine and determine if the tooth falling out is natural or if there are other factors affecting the child’s dental hygiene.

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