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How a Dentist Can Help You Deal with Tooth Pain

Posted in Dental Health

Toothaches come in all sizes. They can range from minor discomfort to severe shooting pains every time someone takes a bite of food or sips on a cold beverage. Experiencing pain is the body’s way of saying something is wrong and it might be necessary to go see the dentist. Some people are frightened of dentists, but the advantages of working with a dentist to achieve oral health far outweigh any temporary fear. Getting to know your dentist provides all of these benefits:

1) The dentist will examine your teeth and gums and determine how to alleviate your toothache pain. You’ll get a summary of how things look right now, and options for fixing the painful tooth.

2) From teeth whitening to straightening and many more services, you can improve your appearance and function plus look forward to keeping your teeth for life. Your dentist will explain which services will work best for you.

3) You will work with the dentist to create an at home care regimen. Proper brushing and flossing multiple times each day will help keep your teeth and gums healthy between professional cleanings.

4) You’ll learn how you both can work together to maximize your oral health, not only now, but over the long term.

Start your relationship with your dentist by making an appointment today to get your tooth pain resolved. Depending upon the severity of the damaged tooth, it might be necessary to seek emergency care. Those who are unsure if a toothache requires immediate medical attention should not wait. Only the dentist can determine if the pain requires immediate attention or if it can wait until office hours the following day. That is why we suggest calling when unsure and let the dentist make the decision.

Depending upon what is wrong, it might be necessary to visit an area Sioux Falls dentist to have dental crowns placed. Sensational Smiles can make that determination and explain the process to you. Give us a call today at (605) 332-4751 to speak with our caring dental team.

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Mary did a great job of cleaning my teeth and explaining everything along the way! - Laurie M.