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Dental Crowns: Good for More Than Finishing Root Canals

Posted in Dental Health

People get dental crowns in Sioux Falls for many reasons, but in all cases, they can provide long-lasting results that are rarely matched by other options. That’s because the standard method of making crowns provides a result that looks natural but is also very strong. This is done by fusing tooth-colored porcelain to strong metal. Here are some of the conditions that call for the placement of such crowns:

Restoring Teeth With Extensive Decay

Teeth with extensive decay may no longer have enough natural material left to support a filling, yet still have intact pulp chambers. In these cases, there is no need for root canal treatment, but a crown will be required in order to provide a strong and durable chewing surface. The decayed area will be removed and then the rest of the remaining part will be shaped so that a crown can be attached. Once the crown has been attached, it will stay in place for years. Best of all, the tooth will be noticeably stronger.

Finishing a Root Canal

In root canal therapy, the pulp chambers of the tooth are opened up and the pulp tissue is removed. Once the procedure is complete, the tooth is left with a large hole. The hole, which the dentist made in order to access the tooth’s root canal(s), then needs to be covered in a way that prevents any leakage. This is done by covering the tooth with a crown.

Improving the Appearance of the Teeth

Crowns are sometimes installed for purely cosmetic reasons. This is especially common with front teeth. If the front teeth have been chipped, broken off more severely, or have gotten stained in ways that aren’t helped by bleaching, having the originals ground down and crowns put on will take care of the problem.

Options for front crowns are more extensive than they are for molars. That’s because these teeth don’t have to withstand the repeated chewing and grinding forces encountered by the ones in the back. Choices include all-porcelain, ceramic, and other materials that look more natural but aren’t quite as strong. Despite the availability of these options, many dentists recommend porcelain over high noble metal for all crowns due to its strength and longevity.

These are the main reasons dental crowns are placed in modern practice. In all cases, they provide strength and durability that rivals or even exceeds that of natural teeth. This makes them excellent choices for advanced restorations.

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