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Cavity Free Club

At Sensational Smiles, we believe being cavity-free is an accomplishment that deserves recognition. Congratulations to all our patients (ages 3-12) who achieve this worthwhile goal!

Here’s How the Cavity Free Club Works

  • Cavity Free ClubGet your teeth professionally cleaned.
  • We will go sugar bug hunting.
  • If the doctor says you are Cavity Free, then you get to write your name on tooth card and post it on Sensational Sammie’s Cavity Free Club wall of names.
  • You will get your picture taken with Sensational Sammie.
  • At the end of that month, we will randomly pick out one cavity-free tooth cards, and they will get items such as movie tickets, gift cards, etc!
  • All cavity free members will get placed in a drawing for an amazing prize at the end of the year. Some of our prizes have been a scooter package and a limo ride for up to 10 people! 

Good Luck Kids!

Remember to brush MORNING & NIGHT, with flossing in between.

Sensational Smiles Mascot Sammie and the Cavity Free Wall for Kids Dental


Dr. Swingdorf took the time to show me the pictures of my teeth and his recommended treatment plan - Dawn K.