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Invisalign Results

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Invisalign Results - Sioux Falls Dentist

Adam’s Invisalign Results

I had some orthodontics work done as a kid to correct for some overbite and straighten a few teeth. At that age, I didn’t have the discipline to wear the final retainer every night. Life moved on, but over the last decade or two my lower front teeth in particular had gotten out of place. Because of how these teeth were oriented relative to each other, it became very difficult to brush them well and keep the surrounding gum tissue healthy. The front teeth on my upper jaw also shifted slightly over time. This resulted in noticeable shadows on my teeth when I would smile for pictures. 

I decided to take care of these issues and set up a treatment plan with the team at Sensational Smiles. I opted for an Invisalign plan that did not require removal of any front teeth, but this meant I would have to endure a longer treatment schedule.

I stuck to the plan, and I have been really pleased with the results of my orthodontic work. Nobody even realized I was wearing the Invisalign retainers, so I was able to work and socialize without any anxiety about how I looked. My smile looks great now, and my teeth are so much easier to brush. I’m really glad I chose to have the orthodontics done because I feel more confident about myself, and my overall oral health is better. The service from Dr. Feiock and his team was excellent and the whole process was simple and convenient.  


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