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Why a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

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Your Teeth are Worth the Care

Teeth cleaning is a basic procedure, and this may be the reason that many patients put it off. Its simplicity makes it seem as though it couldn’t be all that important. In reality, it is one of the most important procedures in dentistry. This is why it should always be attended to at the time the dentist recommends:

Preservation of the Teeth

The leading cause of lost teeth is periodontal disease. This disease is caused by the buildup of tartar and bacteria under the gumline. Buildup gets worse as time goes on. Just one layer of tartar and bacteria will force the gums back and cause damaging inflammation. Once the gums are forced back, new layers of tartar form even deeper than the original, and the process continues until tooth loss occurs.

Getting regularly-scheduled teeth cleaning in Sioux Falls stops this insidious process by removing the tartar and bacteria before they can do much damage. Typically, the procedure involves using hand tools to scrape away tartar that is too tough for a toothbrush to move. These tools also allow the hygienist to reach below the gumline where toothbrushes won’t fit.

Normally, teeth cleaning is scheduled for every six months, but those who have already been treated for periodontal disease are usually scheduled to have it done every three months. One of the easiest ways to keep gum disease at bay is to keep these appointments.

Improvement of the Breath

The odor of a person’s breath usually reflects the condition of his or her oral health. Bad breath that just won’t go away indicates unhealthy bacterial activity in the mouth. Smelly bacteria may be caught between the teeth in places the patient hasn’t been able to reach with the toothbrush or in tartar that has formed in those spaces. They can also exist within cavities. Often, having the teeth cleaned will eliminate breath problems because the procedure gets rid of all of that stuck-on material.

Catching Problems Early

Finding problems like cavities early on makes it so that patients don’t find out about them via toothaches. It also ensures that the needed repairs will be quick and easy. Most people realize these things, but aren’t aware that there are also cosmetic benefits. As mentioned in the prior section, cavities harbor bad breath bacteria. If they’re in the front of the mouth, they also look bad. Repairs for all of these problems start with teeth cleaning and the accompanying exam the dentist performs.


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