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Years of drinking coffee, soda, smoking, or general daily wear can cause your smile’s brilliance to fade or turn yellow. Tooth whitening is a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution that can drastically restore the brilliant white of your smile!

The team at Sensational Smiles offers convenient at-home whitening kits that make it easy to whiten your teeth. First, we help create a special whitening tray that we customize to fit perfectly over your teeth. Then, you’ll use prescription whitening gel inserted into the tray to whiten your teeth. Our doctors will give you detailed and customized instructions about how long to use the tray each day based on your teeth condition and whitening goals.

The entire whitening process often lasts 2 to 4 weeks and results in a dazzling, white smile. Surprise your friends, family, and yourself every time you look in the mirror with a brilliant white smile from Sensational Smiles!