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Dental Exams & Cleanings

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During your child’s visits with us, we strive to make everything comfortable and fun. Your child will begin by sitting on your lap and, over time, transition to the general dental chair as they become comfortable with our team. We will count their teeth with them, apply fun fluoride treatments, and use kid-friendly language such as “hunting for sugar bugs” as we check their teeth for cavities. At each visit, kids can pick a prize from our toy treasure chest. Some days, they will even receive a visit from Sensational Sammie, our favorite tooth mascot!

At each child visit, parents and children will receive a fun hygiene kit which includes a new toothbrush, tooth paste, fun flossers, a brushing timer, and a sticker. We even have baby banana brushes for new babies! A lifetime of great teeth care begins with these early childhood dental visits and education.