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When you lose all your teeth, more than just your smile can be affected. Dentures can help restore your youthful smile by using a removable dental appliance to replace your worn down or missing teeth. Whether you suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, dental injury, or another condition that has affected the look and use of your teeth, dentures can drastically improve your smile and your daily living.

There are three basic types of dentures:

  • Conventional: With conventional dentures, a fully removable dental appliance is created and placed in your mouth after your gum tissue has healed, which may take several months.
  • Immediate: Immediate dentures are placed in your mouth the same day your final teeth are removed. This allows you to use the dental appliance during the healing period for your gums. Occasionally, your doctor will have to make minor adjustments to the fit of your appliance after your healing period.
  • Overdenture or Partial Denture: An overdenture appliance can preserve some of your existing teeth while replacing the missing teeth with a dental appliance. This can preserve the stability of your jawbone and provide an ideal fit for your dental appliance. Your partial denture will be removable and made from a synthetic material supported by lightweight metal. The denture will mimic your gums tissue and teeth to match and fill your smile perfectly.

New dentures may feel awkward at first as you get used to how they feel in your mouth. However, they will immediately give you more confidence in your fully restored smile, and you’ll be able to resume normal daily activities like chewing and speaking with all the benefits of a fully restored set of teeth.

Today’s denture technology ensures the appearance of your dentures will look nearly identical to natural teeth—nobody will know you have dentures unless you tell them! Sensational Smiles will work hard to ensure the look and fit of your dentures are fully customized and comfortable for many years of happy smiles.

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