Dental Technology

Your enjoyable dental experience depends on your comfort and safety. The team at Sensational Smiles is devoted to utilizing the latest technological advances in dental equipment and techniques to ensure your satisfaction with your visit and to offer better dental care.

Digital X-Rays & Photography

At Sensational Smiles, we’ve invested in the latest digital x-ray and photography technology to offer better dental care.

Digital x-rays and photography offer higher picture resolution for better care, as well as increased patient safety by exposing patients to much less radiation than traditional x-rays. As an added benefit, digital x-rays and photos are easier to save and use during later visits, which allows Sensational Smiles more options to provide a lifetime of consistent dental care by understanding your complete dental history. Digital x-ray and picture technology is another investment Sensational Smiles has made to make your dental visit safe, comfortable, and fully customized.


Our DIAGNOdent technology allows us to discover cavities at the earliest stages of growth, even in the toughest places to search in your mouth. This allows us to stop and treat cavities in their infancy before they can grow and create larger, more painful, and more expensive problems.

DIAGNOdent is a small, portable laser technology that detects tough-to-find cavities and alerts the dental team to their size and location. Early detection of these cavities leads to earlier, and often simpler, treatment and recovery.

Ask your dentist about the revolutionary DIAGNOdent laser technology, and schedule your cleaning and exam to experience DIAGNOdent in action!

Cosmetic Imaging

The advanced cosmetic imaging technology offered by Sensational Smiles allows us to show you a visual preview of how you and your smile will look after a variety of treatment options before you select a final procedure.

This visual preview technology is a valuable part of our education program. Together with a consultation and recommendation from your dentist, cosmetic imaging can help you understand and select the best treatment option for you based on your teeth and lifestyle goals.

Intraoral Camera

In the past, dentists relied on mirrors, head lamps, bright spotlights, and pulling back your cheek to give themselves a good view of your teeth. With the intraoral camera technology now offered at Sensational Smiles, not only can your doctor get a clear view of your teeth without all the lights and cheek-pulling, but you’ll be able to see the view inside your mouth as well!

The intraoral camera give both you and your doctor a clear view of your mouth for diagnosis, discussion, and education. Your dentist will be able to see and recommend any necessary treatments, and you’ll leave with more knowledge of your mouth and teeth!

Soft Tissue Laser

The soft tissue laser used at Sensational Smiles eliminates the need for sutures, or small stitches, during some of our surgical procedures. This leads to many benefits for our patients:

•  More comfort
•  Quicker healing time
•  No need to return to the office for suture removal

Soft tissue lasers have been proven safe and effective for both adults and children. Sensational Smiles was one of the earliest investors in soft tissue laser technology to ensure our patients the most comfortable treatment and healing experience.

CEREC Technology


CEREC is a revolutionary production technology that allows us to fabricate custom all-ceramic tooth restorations in a single visit. While many other facilities will require multiple visits to measure, fit, and adjust your tooth restoration pieces, CEREC allows us to offer same-day treatments for some of our most popular and valuable solutions.

With CEREC, you’ll have a natural-looking smile you can be proud of for years to come. Talk to your Sensational Smiles dentist to learn more about CEREC and our other powerful dental technologies.