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    Couple with a small child brought in for a checkup

Jessica Tribble

Woman with great smile

When I first arrived to Sioux Falls I got a referral to Sensational Smiles. I was overwhelmed with the amount of dentists in the area so I figured I would call the number on the card and get in. Dr Feiock was who I had seen for my visit. He is always so friendly during my appointments. Last year I needed a cavity fixed and didn’t have day care so I had to bring my little guy with me to the appointment. I was a bit nervous how my squirming toddler would do, but Dr Feiock grabbed a chair, pulled it up for my son and kept him entertained the whole time my cavity was getting fixed. My little guy loved it and was sad when he recently learned I went to the dentist without him. All of the staff are friendly and welcoming.